Waneta Expansion Project

The Waneta Expansion Project will add 355 MW generating capacity to the existing Waneta Dam with the construction of two infeed tunnels and turbines in a new powerhouse and tailrace.

Castlegar Ready Mix is supplying ready mix concrete for the construction of the new powerhouse from our portable concrete batch plant located a few kilometres from the job site. This job will require over 65,000 m3 of high specification concrete and aggregates delivered over three years.

This project is characterized by a continuous high resource demand—of crew, equipment and aggregate. To date, the project has required two continuous pours of 1000 m3 of concrete. A further challenge facing this year-round project is the need to maintain temperature control of the delivered concrete within a tight temperature range despite heat and low ambient temperatures in summer and winter.

YouTube video- Waneta Expansion Project

More information on this project is also available from the Columbia Power website.